Not only does our President and Chief Instructor have direct lineage from Bruce Lee's school, but our Kempo traces direct to Shaolin. Kempo with Bruce Lee influence for street combat in the real world.

As the largest Kempo
Karate association worldwide, we take our job as leader in our field
very seriously. We have without a doubt the best video training and
ranking program in the martial arts. The WKA teaches student with no experience,
to school owners, agencies and military. We do not throw a bunch
of Karate techniques at you and then mail you a worthless piece of
paper and call that teaching. We have a serious program that teaches
you real self defense just like you were in one of our private Kempo
lessons. You will feel as if Grandmaster Carter Hargrave is right there
with you in person.

Every training DVD is designed to teach you everything
you need to know for that specific belt level. None of our students
green belt (equivalent to most schools black belt level) or above
has EVER lost to an attacker on the street or in a military application!
When attacked they proved Kempo rules a street fight.

You train at your own
speed, competing against no one but yourself. You will gain the knowledge
and skill in a few short months that take others years to learn, if
they are lucky enough to find a qualified instructor. If you can perform
the material you can get the ranking. There is no time in grade, only
your ability matters.  We have been doing this for a long time
now and we have it down to an exact science.

After we receive your
testing tape that you make for ranking and evaluation purposes, our
Master instructors will review and critique your tape. If time allows
Grandmaster Hargrave will personally review your tape.  You 
are then sent an e mail of your progress and what you need to work
on, and if you have passed the test for rank advancement.